RWC 2019 Schedule: Rugby World Cup 2019 Fixtures & Time Table

RWC Japan 2019 Schedule – RWC 2019 Dates

Rugby world cup 2019 in Japan is scheduled to kick off on the 20th of September when Japan will take on Russia at Tokyo International Stadium. The 2019 Rugby World Cup Japan features 48 matches to be played in the tournament. The Rugby World Cup 2019 Schedule has been officially announced.
Are you looking for Rugby World Cup 2019 dates, RWC 2019 Fixtures, 2019 Rugby World Cup Time Table and Venues? You are at the right place. Here you will find detailed 2019 Rugby World Schedule & 2019 World Cup Fixtures including 2019 RWC dates, RWC 2019 Time Table with venues.

Complete Rugby World Cup Japan Schedule & Fixtures 2019 – RWC 2019 Schedule by Venue and Pool

Match No.DateMatchPoolVenueTime
1Friday, 20-Sep-2019Japan Vs RussiaATokyo Stadium19:45 JST
2Saturday, 21-Sep-2019Australia Vs FijiDSapporo Dome13:45 JST
3Saturday, 21-Sep-2019France Vs ArgentinaCTokyo Stadium16:15 JST
4Saturday, 21-Sep-2019New Zealand Vs South AfricaBInternational Stadium Yokohama18:45 JST
5Sunday, 22-Sep-2019Italy Vs NamibiaBHanazono Rugby Stadium14:15 JST
6Sunday, 22-Sep-2019Ireland Vs ScotlandAInternational Stadium Yokohama16:45 JST
7Sunday, 22-Sep-2019England Vs TongaCSapporo Dome19:15 JST
8Monday, 23-Sep-2019Wales Vs GeorgiaDCity of Toyota Stadium19:15 JST
9Tuesday, 24-Sep-2019Russia Vs SamoaAKumagaya Rugby Stadiym19:15 JST
10Wednesday, 25-Sep-2019Fiji Vs UruguayDKamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium14:15 JST
11Thursday, 26-Sep-2019Itlay Vs CanadaBFukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium16:45 JST
12Thursday, 26-Sep-2019England Vs United StatesCKobe Misaki Stadium19:45 JST
13Saturday, 28-Sep-2019Argentina Vs TongaCHanazono Rugby Stadium13:45 JST
14Saturday, 28-Sep-2019Japan Vs IrelandAShizuoka Stadium Ecopa16:15 JST
15Saturday, 28-Sep-2019South Africa Vs NamibiaBCity of Toyota Stadium18:45 JST
16Sunday, 29-Sep-2019Georgia Vs UruguayDKumagaya Rugby Stadiym14:15 JST
17Sunday, 29-Sep-2019Australia Vs WalesDTokyo Stadium16:45 JST
18Monday, 30-Sep-2019Scotland Vs SamoaAKobe Misaki Stadium19:15 JST
19Wednesday, 2-Oct-2019France Vs United StatesCFukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium16:45 JST
20Wednesday, 2-Oct-2019New Zealand Vs CanadaBOita Stadium19:15 JST
21Thursday, 3-Oct-2019Georgia Vs FijiDHanazono Rugby Stadium14:15 JST
22Thursday, 3-Oct-2019Ireland Vs RussiaAKobe Misaki Stadium19:15 JST
23Friday, 4-Oct-2019South Africa Vs ItalyBShizuoka Stadium Ecopa18:45 JST
24Saturday, 5-Oct-2019Australia Vs UruguayDOita Stadium14:15 JST
25Saturday, 5-Oct-2019England Vs ArgentinaCTokyo Stadium17:00 JST
26Saturday, 5-Oct-2019Japan Vs SamoaACity of Toyota Stadium19:30 JST
27Sunday, 6-Oct-2019New Zealand Vs NamibiaBTokyo Stadium13:45 JST
28Sunday, 6-Oct-2019France Vs TongaCKumamoto Stadium16:45 JST
29Tuesday, 8-Oct-2019South Africa Vs CanadaBKobe Misaki Stadium19:15 JST
30Wednesday, 9-Oct-2019Argentina Vs United StatesCKumagaya Rugby Stadium13:45 JST
31Wednesday, 9-Oct-2019Scotland Vs Russia AShizuoka Stadium Ecopa16:15 JST
32Wednesday, 9-Oct-2019Wales Vs FijiDOita Stadium18:45 JST
33Friday, 11-Oct-2019Australia Vs GeorgiaDShizuoka Stadium Ecopa19:15 JST
34Saturday, 12-Oct-2019New Zealand Vs ItalyBCity of Toyota Stadium13:45 JST
35Saturday, 12-Oct-2019England Vs France CInternational Stadium Yokohama17:15 JST
36Saturday, 12-Oct-2019Ireland Vs SamoaAFukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium19:45 JST
37Sunday, 13-Oct-2019Namibia Vs CanadaBKamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium12:15 JST
38Sunday, 13-Oct-2019United States Vs TongaCHanazono Rugby Stadium14:45 JST
39Sunday, 13-Oct-2019Wales Vs UruguayDKumamoto Stadium17:15 JST
40Sunday, 13-Oct-2019Japan Vs ScotlandAInternational Stadium Yokohama19:45 JST

RWC Quarter Finals 2019 – Rugby World Cup Quarter Finals 2019 Dates

Match No.DateMatchVenueTime
41Saturday, 19-Oct-2019RWC QF1: W Pool C Vs Ru Pool DOita Stadium16:15 JST
42Saturday, 19-Oct-2019RWC QF2: W Pool B Vs Ru Pool ATokyo Stadium19:15 JST
43Sunday, 20-Oct-2019RWC QF3: W Pool D Vs Ru Pool COita Stadium16:15 JST
44Sunday, 20-Oct-2019RWC QF4: W Pool A Vs Ru Pool BTokyo Stadium19:15 JST

RWC Semi-finals 2019 – Rugby World Cup Semi-finals 2019 Dates

Match No.DateMatchVenueTime
45Saturday, 26-Oct-2019RWC SF1: W QF1 Vs W QF2International Stadium Yokohama17:00 JST
46Sunday, 27-Oct-2019RWC SF2: W QF3 Vs W QF4International Stadium Yokohama18:00 JST

Rugby World Cup 2019 Bronze Final

Match No.DateMatchVenue Time
47Friday, 01-Nov-2019Bronze FinalTokyo Stadium18:00 JST

RWC 2019 Final – Rugby World Cup Final 2019 Date

Match No.DateMatchVenueTime
48Saturday, 02-Nov-2019FinalInternational Stadium Yokohama18:00 JST

Rugby World Cup 2019 Schedule by Pool

Rugby World Cup Pool A Schedule

Rugby World Cup Pool B Schedule

Rugby World Cup Pool C Schedule

Rugby World Cup Pool D Schedule

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